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How to Work in Singapore Part 1

Where to stay? 

If you are a tourist and not looking for job, hotel may be the best place for you. But if you are a jobseeker with a limited budget, you may try a hostel, a bed space or rent the whole room on per day or per head basis. For a hostel, prices start at $13 per day. For a bedspace, prices starts at $10 up per day. Some Filipinos are offering their house for bedspace plus free use of all the amenities for cooking and washing. If you want some privacy and wants to rent the whole room, you can do so. Prices for that starts at $300 up to $700 depending on the location, room size and amenities. It’s up to you to negotiate with the owner how many persons will stay on that room. Try to check this youtube site for a sample place to stay CLICK HERE . If you are on the way to Singapore and wants to look for place to stay, try www.pinoysg.com. It’s an online community where there are lots of posts regarding a place to stay here in Singapore. For a detailed list of available place to stay, try this site CLICK HERE

How much is the cost of living? 

Living in Singapore is also expensive. However, there are lots of ways to save and it depends on you. To give you an idea how much, I will give you an example. Me and four of my friends are renting the house for $1500 monthly. It’s like a condominium, newly built and we were on the 9th floor. It has 3 big rooms, 2 CR, kitchen, living room and fully furnish with big TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. By the way, all houses here are condominium style whether you are rich or poor individual. Divided by 5, we pay $300 each. For food we contribute $50 dollars, utility bills $40, cable tv $9 and internet service for $5 each. Everyday, my daily budget for bus fare plus meal is around $5 for a total of $100 if I work 20 days a month. All in all that would be $504. It’s expensive because we get a big house. You can try for a smaller house or rent a room that is cheaper if you want. If you will earn $2500 a month, then you will still have a big savings. For more details on prices of rooms and houses, you may visit site like www.roomsdb.net.

Can you give me other details about Singapore?

Language spoken here are Chinese Mandarin, Tamil and Malay but all Singaporeans can speak English. Mode of transportation here are thru trains, buses and taxi. For cheaper plane fare, you may try budget airlines like Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific and Jetstar. What else….hhhmmmm. Proceed to 3rd part if you're still interested.

How to Work in Singapore Part 3

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